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Embark on a Magical Adventure with a Unicorn Theme

Unicorn Theme Party Inspiration Board

The unicorn craze is here and it’s here to stay! Little girls everywhere are asking for a unicorn themed birthday party to celebrate their favorite mystical creature. It’s not only limited to birthdays, as we have seen an uptick in unicorn themed baby showers and bridal showers as well. We have tips and ideas to help you style your party and make this a magical celebration for your guest of honor as she escapes into a whimsical world with unicorns, rainbows, and plenty of sparkle.

Color Scheme
Getting the color palette right is essential! It helps set the overall ambiance and mood of the party. A pastel color scheme consisting of baby yellow, mint green, purple, peach, blue, and pink will provide a nice soft look and feel. Throw in a couple of vibrant colors such as bright blue and a darker hue of pink into the mix to give your design some pop. Sparkling gold also adds a classic charm to the décor.


A backdrop will be the perfect focal point of the room. It sets the scene of a mystical adventure, and ideal for pictures. You can use a readymade unicorn themed backdrop, or get creative and make your own. Use fabric in a soft color such as peach and hang strings of fairy lights across it. Add a layer of clear tulle over it. To decorate the top and upper quarter of the sides, use varying sizes and colors of balloons or pinwheels.

Add a penchant banner with a phrase such as Magic, Happy Birthday, or simply the guest of honor’s name in marquee. Confetti balloons on either side of the backdrop will help complete the look for your background.

Don’t limit yourself to paperboard unicorn centerpieces. Use colored water beads or crystals in vases with a unicorn horn topper. Floral arrangements in the color scheme described above will also create a classic refreshing look for baby showers and bridal showers.

The guest of honor will look breathtakingly beautiful in a unicorn floral headband and unicorn jewelry. Go with a bright bold shade of color for the dress to stand out against all the pastels.

Serverware and Tableware
Choose a solid colored table cloth that stands out against the rainbow of colors, preferably white or a color that is not in the foods that are served. With so much color in the food and décor already, serverware in white is the best way to go. Arrange pastel colored straws in a jar with a ribbon tied around it. Use printed tableware if your other décor is subtle with print. Otherwise, go simple with solid colored tableware. Our advice is not to overdo the unicorn prints or rainbow colors everywhere.

Ideas for appetizers include rainbow rice crispies, cloud cheese puffs, magic potion juice, popcorn, different colored fruit kabobs, and bugle chips as unicorn horns.

Set up a dessert bar with some of these items: unicorn and rainbow shaped cookies, cake pops in pastel colors with gold shimmer on the tops, white frosted cupcakes with unicorn toppers, cotton candy, different colored candies in clear jars, strawberries or pretzels dipped in pastel colored chocolate candy. Is your mouth watering yet?!?

Don’t forget food labels! We have a free template we created here (Avery 5302). For a 3-d effect, print and cut out the tent cards and glue or stick on a gold shimmery unicorn in the top left hand corner. Another option is to add a unicorn horn at the top.

Stick to the theme with water bottles and favor tags.

A pony ride would fit perfectly with the theme. Other ideas include hiring a face painter to paint unicorn masks on the kids, organizing a treasure hunt, and a craft activity to decorate a unicorn ornament as a keepsake.

Party Favors
Pass out a unicorn bracelet to each guest as she enters an enchanted land. Fill unicorn printed purses or bags with jewelry and accessories. Makeup brush kits are perfect for bridal showers. Every woman wants one! Favors for little ones can include notepads, pencils, stickers, key chains, rainbow candy bracelets, and unicorn rings.



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