Fun Ganesh Chaturthi Projects for Kids

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Do you ever get nostalgic remembering how you celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi elaborately for days as a kid with your family? Were you born in the West and never really experienced the festival? It's never too late to learn about it and teach newer generations the significance of the holiday through crafts and activities. Spark your creativity and build everlasting memories with loved ones this Ganesh Chaturthi using some of the ideas and inspirations below:

1. Create a Ganesh Idol
Instructables Clay Model Ganesh
Kids and adults can create a colorful Ganesh idol using modeling clay. Build one together as a family, or turn it into a party game for kids.The most creative one gets a prize. Learn how to create a Ganesh idol with this step by step tutorial at Instructables.

2. Decorate a Shrine
Ganesh shrine
Set up a small shrine at home with an eco-friendly Ganesh idol. Create a backdrop using vibrant colored fabrics. Decorate and embellish with crystal bead garlands, candles, and flowers.

3. Make Modaks
Guess what Lord Ganesh's favorite dessert is?
Modaks! These savory dumplings made of steamed flour are stuffed with coconut, jaggery, nutmeg, and saffron. You can buy modak molds or shape  them by hand. Give it a modern twist and create modak cake pops! Display the pops on a decorated stand, and place it in the shrine. Check out this recipe at The Desserted Girl.

4. Read a Ganesh Story
Ganesha The Wonder Years
What better way to teach children than through stories and pictures? Read about the adventures of Lord Ganesh as a child in The Wonder Years! Other interesting reads include The Curse on the Moon and Ravana and the Magic Stone.

5. Play Games
Use crosswords, word scrambles, or word search puzzles to teach kids common words and phrases associated with the holiday. Download and print our free word search template. 

6. Participate in a Visarjan Ceremony
Invite family and friends over for an intimate gathering. Perform the last Aarti in your home, start a small procession with music and dancing, and drive to the nearest body of water for the immersion ceremony. Note: Check with state  officials on regulations and policies before conducting the ceremony. Be sure to always use an eco-friendly idol. There are also local temples that may host a visarjan event that you can participate in as part of a community program.

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  • All your themes are just beautiful. I will use your ideas and supplies for my up coming event Ganesh Chathurthi .

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